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A long time in the making.

Megan Merry

It's happened.

Back in 2014 I received my very first air plant. It was a birthday gift sent by mail from my cousin who lives in Denver. To say the least, I was intrigued. This plant's variety of shapes, the earthy and vibrant colors, the fact that it grows without needing soil and has no roots... I found all of this to be fascinating.

I decided to sketch a series of air plants somewhere around 11 p.m. on a Friday night with Daphne Jane snoozing next to me.


Fast forward to 2018 and I have morphed these air plant sketches into a set of four thank you cards with matching lined envelopes.


I assemble every lined envelope by hand (though not quite as quickly as this video* makes it seem!). ;)

These thank you card sets are available at Art Terrarium, one of the most fun plant stores in Des Moines, Iowa. If you haven't been in to see for yourself, it's a must. They have an amazing selection of plants, have the coolest pots, offer classes and even have a potting bar!

*Little shout-out to my husband, who snapped a quick video of me assembling envelopes on a Saturday morning.

Also, contact me if you're interested in purchasing a set of four thank you cards.

Wishing you + yours the happiest of holidays...

Megan Merry

My favorite part of the holidays include some down-time with my loves, holiday lights (!!!!), getting cards in the mail from family and friends and sending out some holiday cheer of our own.

With stationery, details are everything. From the Oscar de la Renta stamps to the emerald green envelopes, I wanted to send a "statement piece" holiday card this year. I hand addressed the envelopes with a gold pen that lays the ink down beautifully, and signed every card (because I think it's more fun that way!).


Here's wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays!


Shameless Plug:
Our family photos were taken by Lauren Konrad Photography. She is wonderful to work with!

My 1st vendor fair

Megan Merry

I started Megan + Jane for a number of reasons. One being that I would be able to explore, flex new muscles and learn along the way.

Last month it was like, "Check... check... and check!"

I  participated in my first vendor fair: hutchFest Omaha.

It was fun, exhausting and an overall positive experience. hutch did an amazing job coordinating the event, handling a last-minute venue change (because, Nebraska weather) and bringing in a great crowd.

My booth was surrounded by inspiring and smart business women. We had a lot in common, and offered nothing but encouragement and support to each other as the day winded down. But hands down, the best part of my day was meeting people. The Sorry I Suck* card was pretty popular, and it cracked me up to hear why people were buying it.

I learned I can be shy to ask for help, but realized early on that I would need some to make this event happen. Which is why I am SO GRATEFUL for...

My bestie, who helped me set up my booth super early on a Saturday morning. My mom, who always encourages me to do what might be scary (turns out, everything usually turns out to be just fine). Friends and moms have a way of making things more fun... and saying just the right things at the right time.

My husband, who helped me turn a rough sketch of my booth into a real, living, breathing 3D booth (yep—I took over the garage mocking everything up beforehand, made like 5,000 trips to the hardware store and used power tools to create a booth that could stand up AND fold-down to fit in the back of my car). He also stayed home with our toddler so I could focus my attention on Megan + Jane for the day. I was grateful for his support—and also realized how difficult it is to be a new mom and juggle the side hustle.

If you made it out to the event: thank you! If you bought a Sorry I Suck* card: thank you (and know you don't suck)!

Alexis + Jonathan

Megan Merry

Literally obsessed with our invites.
Thank you for everything!!!!
— Alexis Blaue, bride

As soon as I launched Megan + Jane, I received an email from the sweetest, most organized and enthusiastic bride-to-be. We met via FaceTime one evening to talk about what she and her fiance envisioned for their wedding.

Their colors were navy and gold – she wanted something elegant, something sparkly, and among other descriptive terms, she mentioned the Disney classic "Beauty and the Beast".

I wanted her to feel like Belle.

When she said "Beauty and the Beast," all I could think about was the shape in the bottom of Belle's ballroom gown. The shape of curtains on a theatrical stage. That shape became my inspiration.

To carry out the rest of the look, I paired a sans serif and script font. These were printed offset on a beautiful, thick navy paper stock. I matched the gold ink printed on the invites with the gold envelope. A glittery belly band and envelope liner tied the whole look together.

The Sarah Vaughan stamps at the post office couldn't have been better timed – I loved how the colors in the stamp complimented the look.

Working with these two was an absolute joy. They are spirited, fun, and so in love. It's contagious!

I couldn't be more thrilled with how their wedding invitations turned out.

Happy 1 Year Wedding Anniversary, Alexis and Jonathan!

Please contact me at if you're interested in working together.

Winter Wedding Invitations

Megan Merry

Our meetings were held via FaceTime, since the couple I worked with on designing these wedding invitations lives in Minneapolis. There they were nestled around their phone, sipping red wine and flipping through my proposed invites. I could feel the warmth, the love and the excitement they had for each other and their much anticipated wedding day. ♥

The couple's vision was simple: a cozy, romantic, rustic winter wedding. One surrounded with an intimate gathering of immediate family for their big day. (When I say it was an intimate gathering, I mean intimate. The couple only sent out T-E-N invitations.)

Their color palette was ivory and burgundy. I used a creamy ivory card stock and paired it with a shimmery grey envelope, lined with a hand-illustrated evergreen twig pattern. For a pop of color, I used a burgundy silk ribbon as a belly-band.

I hand-lettered the couples names and key information on the invitation, and hand-illustrated winter evergreens to give the piece a cozy-chic look. The invitation included a standard invite, an R.S.V.P. postcard and weekend itinerary.

Here's how it all came together:


The shimmer on the envelope reminded me of how the sun hits the snow on those beautiful winter mornings. ♥

Everything came full circle with this gorgeous bride... you can see the bridal shower invitations I designed for her and shared earlier this year here.


Throughout the year I create custom invitations for special occasions and personal stationery items. Please contact me at if you're interested in working together.

Card Spotlight: More Than You'll Ever Know

Megan Merry


Jumping into the new year means we’re most likely taking a moment to appreciate 2015, and jotting down a few thoughts for how we can make 2016 just a little bit better. Might I suggest something? What about sending random cards to the people you care about the most? It’s something I do from time-to-time and have learned that 1) it makes me feel good and 2) I sometimes get a follow-up call or quick note from them saying how much it made their day… which, in return, makes my day. ♡

This card, More Than You’ll Ever Know, is one that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Just Because, and the list goes on.

I really love the classic look of gold and navy, but know most people don’t have gold or white pens on-hand. So I searched high and low for a quality paper stock that would work for this card and found this duplex card stock, which means it’s navy on one side and white on the other. This card is screen printed on the navy side with a flat gold metallic ink. The interior is white, and left blank for you to write a personal note.

Make this year a year where you surprise the ones you love with a hand-written note. You’ll feel good making someone’s day, and what’s not to love about that?


Note: All photos taken by Megan Merry.


Card Spotlight: Newborn Congratulations

Megan Merry


Giraffes are my mom’s favorite animal. So it was only natural to create a Newborn Congratulations Card with a mom and baby giraffe. ♡

This card is screen printed on mint green paper from the French Paper Company. I chose a flat gold metallic ink to add warmth and charm to this card. The interior is left blank for you to write a sweet note to the new family.

Something I love to do while drawing an animal is to read up on them. A few facts I found interesting about giraffes are that they:

+ Stand about 16 feet tall
+ Have long tongues, measuring 21-inches
+ Sleep and give birth standing up
+ Take short naps during the day, usually getting only 5-30 minutes of sleep per day

What about you—what's your mom's favorite animal?


Note: All photos taken by Megan + Dane Merry.

Newborn Congratulations Card

Newborn Congratulations Card