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Get in there

Megan Merry


Making a decision can be difficult. There’s the stress of weighing the pros and cons, possibly making the wrong choice, the unknown, or heaven forbid the fear of failure creep in! I’ve definitely been there, which is why I wanted to share a clip from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, by Jerry Seinfeld, that I think of whenever I start to waiver on making a decision.

Approximately 11 minutes in, Seinfeld drops some knowledge that I’ve taken to heart:

“Everything you need to know, you’ll figure it out when you need to know it. Even if you miscalculate and make the wrong decision, you needed to know that.”
–Jerry Seinfeld

So instead of stressing about what you don't know, GET IN THERE(!). Make the best decision you can with the information you have. And remember you're smart enough to figure out whatever comes your way and more resilient than you think.