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Card Writing Tip

Megan Merry

Recently I had a customer ask the secret to not messing up cards. She found that as she was writing letters on her custom stationery, she was writing something that sounded off, spelled something wrong, or something didn't quite fit on the line as she was hoping. I'm sure this is familiar territory to all of us (re: we've all been there... do we draw a heart over the misspelling and call it good, own the squishy sentence that in no-way should have fit on that line, or do we scrap everything and start all over?).

My tip (and what I practice at home, because I'm totally guilty of drawing hearts over misspellings* and scrapping everything and starting all over): Write your letter out on a similar sized scratch piece of paper before using the card or custom stationery. I sometimes start with typing a draft email if it's a more complex message where I want the wording to be just so. Regardless, I do make it a habit to write the note out by hand beforehand.

I find it helps with spacing things out evenly. It helps me better articulate what I'm trying to communicate. And it warms up my writing muscles so I'm putting my best handwriting to use.


*When I was just a wee-little-girl, my mom taught me to "just draw a heart" over any misspellings. I'm pretty sure all my aunts and uncles, grandparents and friends received letters from me with random hearts drawn mid-sentence. It's charming, and a really great way to encourage children to write letters and thank yous.

Saying No + Cartwheels

Megan Merry

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” ― Warren Buffett

To me, this quote says: Make time for yourself, your family, to dream, to be curious, to explore, to make time for the projects YOU value instead of always trying to please someone else.

Saying no is hard. It’s something I personally wrestle with, and don’t feel alone in. Over the past several years I’ve challenged myself to pause and ask myself whether or not I’ll find this project energizing before giving an answer. (Granted there are times when I just have to say no — I am not willing to risk over-promising or sacrificing the end goal on a project... even if it's a project I am passionate about.)

What I’ve noticed is the more I work to embrace saying no, the better I’m finding my professional (and personal) life. It’s a matter of creating space for the opportunities that make me want to do cartwheels down the hall—instead of missing out because I’ve said yes to all the other projects that simply weigh me down.

My philosophy: Embrace the cartwheel moments and be the best possible you.

Card Spotlight: Wishing You the Best

Megan Merry

Because all too often I find people in my life going after huge goals and doing amazing things—I created a card to encourage them to keep going. After all, I wish nothing but the best for them! ♡

This good luck/encouragement card features the saying, "Wishing you the best" with an elephant's trunk up.

The reason for the elephant: 
Elephants are my favorite animal.

The placement of his trunk:
In certain cultures, an elephant's trunk up symbolizes good luck.

So why do I love elephants so much?
+ They are one of the most family-oriented migrating animals, and have incredible memories—never forgetting an elephant they once met
+ They are playful, fearless and forgiving within their herd
+ They mourn the passing of other elephants, similar to how humans mourn at a funeral

Basically, elephants inspire and remind me what it means to be a strong family unit.

This card is screen printed in a flat gold metallic ink on pink paper from the French Paper Company. It's folded, with a blank interior for you to write an encouraging note to that person in your life who is about to move mountains!

Note: All photos taken by Megan + Dane Merry.