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A Bittersweet Photo Shoot

Megan Merry

In case you haven't had the pleasure of staging a card photo shoot, I'll go ahead and share that there's a bit of a learning curve to it.

Recently I was going through some old photos and rediscovered these:

The photos made me laugh/cry.

Laugh, because in my head this photo was going to be epic—and as you can see, it's anything but. I was going for the most adorable shot of our Daphne Jane licking up one of her treats. Instead I had the lighting, angles, composition all wrong. Plus, she ate her treat too fast!

Cry, because it’s a photo I really wanted to try retaking, but as life (and some photo shoots prove), you can’t always plan how things will pan out. Our dog was the most patient as I learned to take better photos, made the frustrating moments fun and I miss her hard. I’ll have to enjoy the epic "fail" with these photos, appreciate the thought, and Daphne Jane’s willingness to eat her treat. :)

Note: All photos taken by Megan Merry.


A dedication to "Jane"

Megan Merry

Last weekend my husband and I said goodbye to the "Jane" in Megan + Jane. It's hard to put into words just how much she meant, but I do want to share what a beautiful creature she was—both inside and out.

Our English setter's name was "Daphne", whom we playfully/lovingly called "Daphne Jane".

My favorite days were those rare (and treasured) Saturdays without any real plans. We'd start our mornings with coffee, NPR, me doing art and my husband relaxing on the couch. Then Daphne Jane would grab a toy and set it beside one of us, prompting a game of fetch. Soon all three of us would be running around the house, tossing her toy around and playing. Those mornings I felt inspired, refreshed and happy—surrounded by my people, doing the things I love.

Thus, I thought it appropriate to name my stationery line "Megan + Jane" since the purpose is to fuse together my love for art, snail mail and to remember to make it a balance of work and play. Something Daphne Jane taught me to make space for.

She was supportive, a great listener and when I needed to sort something out—we'd go for a long walk until everything made sense (or at least more sense than it did).

She taught me to be unapologetic-ally me. To relax and enjoy the moment, and most of all, to do what I'm passionate about—without guilt.

She was very much loved by both my husband and me, and never failed at bringing joy into our daily lives. We appreciated every moment with her. She passed away at home, with both of us by her side. We laid next to her, saying goodbye and letting her know how much she meant to us.

I never realized how much you could love a dog until I met her. And I never realized just how much I loved her until she was gone.