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Card Spotlight: Newborn Congratulations

Megan Merry


Giraffes are my mom’s favorite animal. So it was only natural to create a Newborn Congratulations Card with a mom and baby giraffe. ♡

This card is screen printed on mint green paper from the French Paper Company. I chose a flat gold metallic ink to add warmth and charm to this card. The interior is left blank for you to write a sweet note to the new family.

Something I love to do while drawing an animal is to read up on them. A few facts I found interesting about giraffes are that they:

+ Stand about 16 feet tall
+ Have long tongues, measuring 21-inches
+ Sleep and give birth standing up
+ Take short naps during the day, usually getting only 5-30 minutes of sleep per day

What about you—what's your mom's favorite animal?


Note: All photos taken by Megan + Dane Merry.

Newborn Congratulations Card

Newborn Congratulations Card