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The Balancing Act

Megan Merry

I am a wife, a mom to a full-of-life toddler with another babe on the way, a full-time Creative Director and run Megan + Jane on the side.

As much as I hate the word “busy” (everyone’s busy), I do feel I have a lot on my plate… and, like most of us, it’s by choice. When I take a moment on those days that feel overwhelming, I realize I chose to marry an amazing man I’m lucky to call my husband. I chose to become a mom. I chose to work really effing hard in my advertising profession to become a Creative Director. And Megan + Jane… well, I love it and I’m damn lucky to be this “busy”.

Since I was 20, I've been designing wedding invitations for friends — before I really had any idea what I was doing. I did it because it made me feel like I was part of something special... because I was. When I was starting out, not every project was perfect, Instagram-worthy, or ended with me getting a full night's sleep – but I learned a lot.

I learned how to manage expectations, how to really refine and push my design-skills, handle a budget, work with vendors, set appropriate timelines, be honest with myself about what I can realistically accomplish, and meet some truly amazing people along the way. Thus, I felt confident when launching Megan + Jane.

It hasn’t always been easy—and still isn’t. The notion of work-life-balance is silly (IMO). Life is a balancing act of priorities, and to be successful we have to be flexible. We have to be okay with saying no. We have to be okay with wanting to zero-in on our careers, while still finding time for our passions. We have to make space for sick kiddos and the call from daycare that can cause a mad scramble of re-prioritizing your day or week. We have to be okay with doing laundry in 5 or 10-minute increments throughout the week so we can enjoy the weekends. We have to embrace what makes us interesting. Most importantly, we have to be present in whatever we’ve chosen to commit to at the time—and do our best. That’s really all we can do.