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Wedding PARTY Invitations

Megan Merry

Exactly one year ago today some terrific friends of ours got married! I was honored to have been asked to I design their wedding PARTY invites shortly after they got engaged. The direction they provided was “colorful” and “PARTY!”…

So with a cocktail in hand, LCD Soundsystem on the stereo, and a few late evenings with Daphne Jane—BOOM! Erik and Lisa’s wedding PARTY invitations were born.

Between the size, the verbiage and bright colors—these wedding invitations are anything but traditional. But then, our friends aren't traditional either. They are some of the most fun and considerate people I know (seriously, my face usually hurts after spending a day with them from all the laughs). I am so happy to have been part of their big day, and watch their marriage blossom since. Love you guys. ♥

These large (9 x 6 inches!) invitations were digitally printed on bright white, ultra-smooth Finch cardstock. I chose to pair them with a translucent envelope so the bright colors would greet the guests right out of the mailbox. A custom return-address stamp was an additional detail, completing the final look.