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Card Spotlight: More Than You'll Ever Know

Megan Merry


Jumping into the new year means we’re most likely taking a moment to appreciate 2015, and jotting down a few thoughts for how we can make 2016 just a little bit better. Might I suggest something? What about sending random cards to the people you care about the most? It’s something I do from time-to-time and have learned that 1) it makes me feel good and 2) I sometimes get a follow-up call or quick note from them saying how much it made their day… which, in return, makes my day. ♡

This card, More Than You’ll Ever Know, is one that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Just Because, and the list goes on.

I really love the classic look of gold and navy, but know most people don’t have gold or white pens on-hand. So I searched high and low for a quality paper stock that would work for this card and found this duplex card stock, which means it’s navy on one side and white on the other. This card is screen printed on the navy side with a flat gold metallic ink. The interior is white, and left blank for you to write a personal note.

Make this year a year where you surprise the ones you love with a hand-written note. You’ll feel good making someone’s day, and what’s not to love about that?


Note: All photos taken by Megan Merry.