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Card Spotlight: Wishing You the Best

Megan Merry

Because all too often I find people in my life going after huge goals and doing amazing things—I created a card to encourage them to keep going. After all, I wish nothing but the best for them! ♡

This good luck/encouragement card features the saying, "Wishing you the best" with an elephant's trunk up.

The reason for the elephant: 
Elephants are my favorite animal.

The placement of his trunk:
In certain cultures, an elephant's trunk up symbolizes good luck.

So why do I love elephants so much?
+ They are one of the most family-oriented migrating animals, and have incredible memories—never forgetting an elephant they once met
+ They are playful, fearless and forgiving within their herd
+ They mourn the passing of other elephants, similar to how humans mourn at a funeral

Basically, elephants inspire and remind me what it means to be a strong family unit.

This card is screen printed in a flat gold metallic ink on pink paper from the French Paper Company. It's folded, with a blank interior for you to write an encouraging note to that person in your life who is about to move mountains!

Note: All photos taken by Megan + Dane Merry.